How to Stay Sane When the Economy Goes Crazy

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Recently Harvard Business Publishing ran an article on the current market and your mental health.
The following was  by Annie McKee on September 18, 2008 9:56 AM:

Most of us can’t do a darn thing to change what is happening on Wall Street or in the financial markets around the world.

We are at the mercy of macro-economic forces — that have, by the way,
been hovering like a dark, gray storm cloud for some time. What’s
happening really isn’t a surprise. Wise people have been talking about
inflated financial markets for a while now, predicting serious and

long-lasting repercussions. You’ve heard the talk: “Too much bad debt…Why did they do it?Pride goeth before a fall…Greed…”

The details of the current situation weren’t predictable, but the
overall picture was. So what’s surprising is that we are acting like it
is a shock: we’re stunned, terrified, confused, paralyzed, running for
cover, whatever.

The reason we’re gripped by negative and paralyzing emotion is because
the macro-economic forces that are normally so distant are crashing
down, creating micro-economic disasters that are touching our homes,
our grocery money, our jobs and our dreams for the future. We’re under
siege, and our brains and bodies are reacting as if there is a tiger at
the door, ready to tear into us and our families.

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