Stole My Credit Card Number and Shipped Items to Me?

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Last week I realized someone stole my check card number. I say number since I still have the card.
Okay now I can understand someone stealing my credit card number and ordering items but they shipped them to me. To my home address, which is also my billing address. What is that about? In fact I did not know my card was being used until the packages started arriving. So of course I called the credit card company and they were as perplexed as I was. They ordered a prepaid sprint phone, cards (one box blank), and two different orders of very expensive vitamins.

I have received all of the items except for the phone but it may just still be in route. The customer service rep said the type of prepaid phone ordered is often used by terrorist groups since they are not traceable. It seems like a stretch to me but he did say it and it is possible. Not a stretch that they use them but that it is in anyway connected to my stolen card number.

So I canceled the card and put a 90 day fraud alert with the three credit bureaus.

If you have any ideas on this scam I would love to hear them.

Others have reported similar activity on Whigkids

some of the individuals on Whigkids had situations where the theif use their own email and phone number. They did not have my phone number or email.


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15 Responses to “Stole My Credit Card Number and Shipped Items to Me?”

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I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

Dude, it is perfectly logical.

They order the goods and hope the UPS guy drops them on the door and leaves.. Then they take it off the porch and are done. If you get it first, no loss to them..

If they ship it to their own house, they might get caught. (wait… having a chuckle that the NOPD would go after this type crime)OK I’m back.

BTW 10:1 says the person who took your number was someone you handed your card to at a local restaurant. Happens all the time.

Some is charging small innocuous items to my credit card, too: netflix subscription, realgamepass ($7.95), ($5.45) and Most chilling was ($12.95/mo for credit monitoring). They tried to get my credit report, but didn’t have my SSN, and so were denied. I can’t figure out what they’re doing other than setting me up for ID theft. Have placed fraud alerts on the 3 credit reporting agencies, and replaced my credit card. Going to file police report tomorrow, and FTC complaint on Monday. What’s worrying me is they have waaay too much of my personal info (unlisted phone no, email address, etc) Thanks for any insight you might have as to what’s happening.

Happened to me two days ago. They bought a $40 pizza gift card, porn from two websites, and a $2,000 PC to be shipped to my door. I reported the theft to the State police and they kind of laughed a little and said they are not very well versed with computers. When I told the police I was very puzzled why they would ship the items to me, that I thought it was a local person and they were going to lift he items from my porch, they thought that was not likley.

I’m going to call the Head of the Fraud Department of the company I spoke to the day this all happened (2 days ago) and see if they’ll ship the PC to me or an empty box with some weight in it, to see if I can catch the local thief, or possibly a FedEx or other shipper who might be working in concert with a thief.

Dan, Good luck. I know it is a real pain. All of my orders were so small it was unlikey they were sending them to steal them from my porch. In your case who knows, but they often require a signature for large ticket shipments. Seriously I hope it is as pain free as possible.

Keep me updated,

I found this post looking for updates on a situation of my own I described here: The same thing happened to us. In our case, all of the goods shipped to our house were from companies that offered premiums for signing up other customers. My speculation was that the perpetrator was trying to collect the premiums, which also was what our credit card company thought had happened.

Bob thanks for your insight. It makes a lot of sense.

Pretty funny about the tapes.

The same thing just happened to me. I still have my card, but someone used my number to charge hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. I also had a charge from vistaprint. I thought it was someone local, but what are the chances that all these local thieves are going to order from vistaprint?

It seems like Vistaprint would do a better job with regards to fraud. With that in mind, perhaps they are willing to get any sort of business?

Reference my April post, I obtained the IP address of the thief and turned it over to the state police who are in the progress of making an arrest.

Did they try to steal anything from your porch? Plus how on earth did you get their ip?
All I have to say is, you are good…seriously!
Thanks for the update.

I got a call form a 3rd party company hired by the credit unions and banks, or VISA, to look out for possible fraud. They gave me the purchase, the business name & phone number. I called each company within hours of the theft. Pizza Hut $40 recharge on a pizza card was untraceable. Another business had the IP address but wouldn’t give me it. I asked them to ship the PC anyhow and I’d work with UPS to catch the thief. They said company policy allowed no participation in trapping a thief. But, another company did give me the IP address. Then, deling with the state police was initially difficult. They said they’d likely not be able to catch the person. I gave them a detective’s name and phone number with his instructions to have them call and get a fax number to send a supeona at which time he’d send the computer’s owner’s name and address. The ISP was Turner Communications. Of course I put a number of hours into googling leads and tracking down the ISP. In addition to filing a police report to cover my butt, I filed a complaint with the credit union and with the FTC. I set fraud watches with each Credit Company, and now require photo-ID with my credit card. I have a file over 1 1/4 inches thick and estimate 50-60 hours of time expended. Happened 5 years ago also. Didn’t use the card at any restaurants, but expect skimming at a gas station or drive-by electronic skimmng through the air.

Oh, they stole nothing from the porch. I had the $2,000 laptop order cancelled before it shipped. I had the porn site access cancelled. The jerk did get $40 of pizza.

Very soon he will regret that pizza. 🙂
I love the part, “They said company policy allowed no participation in trapping a thief.”
It made me laugh so hard. You should do to catch a thief on Dateline. You did some serious detective work.

I also think mine was at a gas station, or the drive by thing you mentioned. I never even knew that could be done….

One thing I am certain of is, if there were more people like you, there would be way less credit card theft. One point for the little guy…Thanks

This just happened to me, with charges occurring Sunday and again Monday morning, at which time I started receiving email confomrmations of “my” orders. US News online subscription, Ivorywhites tooth whitener, ProActiv, weight loss stuff, vitamins, and all kinds of other stuff. Most of it was under $3.00, and all was to ship to me. The thief has my email address and cell phone number too. Can’t be from a gas station. I got two of the IP addresses from the companies who got the orders. One is in Virginia, one in California. I’m wondering if someone is circulating the information, just to be malicious.

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