Vice presidential Debate, can anyone really win?

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On the surface this sounds like real “Must see T.V.”  It is like some liberal arts major/film director wanna be spent all Spring Semester writing this script.   One is a MILF, (google it) the other an old white guy.  One has the blinker in her pick up perpetually  signaling to the right, the other has his rascal permanently pulling to the left.  One doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, the other is one.  One…… well you get the picture.

With this much polarization of the two vice presidential candidates one can expect to see some fun moments.  Who could forget the “and you sir are no John F Kennedy” and Dan Quale looking like he just woke up in a spelling bee.  We can expect to see Palin giving some good quips about her opponents age, and her opponent doing the same about her inexperience.

I admit it this makes for great fun, much more than listening to real issues.  The country is in economic turmoil, we are facing two wars, our gulf coast is reeling from two hurricanes and lets face, we look to these debates as entertainment, water cooler chat.  Regardless of what is said more will made out of what Palin wears than what she says.

Vice presidential debates are simply not something that we take seriously.   This despite the real possibility that one of these hopefuls could be the commander in chief in short order.  Lets face it, one presidential candidate who was a prisoner of war, 4 wars ago.  The other is an African American in a country where hate crimes, like young men being drug from from the back of a truck, can get bumped off the evening news by Paris Hilton. The chances of a heart attack or an assassins bullet are more likely than ever over the next four years.

I fully intend to enjoy the fun, however when the party is over I intend to sift through the political BS and make an informed decision.


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