10 Crazy Reasons Why I Write

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I write stories, songs, poems and spend time developing characters.  I have never submitted any of them for publication and I have only let two people ever review my work.  So it seems pretty crazy that I even bother.

So here goes “10 Crazy Reasons Why I Write”:

1. Because I have to. It is not a need or a want it is a “Have To”.

2. If I start a story and don’t finish the charterers haunt me.  They are to me, stuck where ever I left off and they remain stuck…..Till I finish.

3. It makes me feel safe.

4. I can be free.

5. I find people more interesting if I can place them in a story.

6. My dreams can grow legs.

7. It gives me hope.

8. Life just seems a bit less boring if I can write about it.

9. To leave something behind.

10. To quiet the voices in my head…..Just kidding but I had to add that one for good measure.

It would be nice to hear why others write, so feel free to add yours.


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11 Responses to “10 Crazy Reasons Why I Write”

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I write because it relaxes me. It lets me let go of things that annoy me

I write because I enjoy seing what my characters are gonna do every day.

Dr. B

Thank you. Thank you for saying you have to. No one believes me when I say that, or that my characters haunt me. I tell them my muse doesn’t whisper in my ear, she picks me up by the neck and puts me against the wall. So that’s why I write, along with needing to get all of my stress out in a productive way.

I agree with everything you’ve said here, especially writing because you have to. I have to voice my opinion—be heard by someone, anyone. Even if no one listens, I am still speaking my mind and getting things off my chest.

I write because if I don’t, my head will explode.

Well done! You do a great job even when you say that you write not because you wanted to because I believe you have an intuit to educate and create innovative imagination to the people around!

Keep rocking..

I write to constantly remind myself that thoughts have value. To allow fractal pieces of myself to be strewn about through my characters.
To breathe a little humanity into a sometimes dark and lonely world.
To remind myself that Hope exists for a reason.
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I write because I love to see that it makes others feel good.

I’m write because I feel this inside me and I have to write. I wrote Poetry from 10 years old. In different Country and different Language I wrote and Published.
But even if I not Publish I write and read to few friends and they like, it’s make me happy. Everybody who have this feeling in they soul please write. First for your self and rewrite maybe few times till you ready to show somebody.
Best of luck to everyone who like to write.

i write so i can hide behind words.

I write because , if I don’t write, I’ll go insane, because I’m constantly filled with plots and characters, and ideas. And if that’s not enough, even more ideas come to me in dreams.

You can be whoever or whatever you want to be.

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