Class the New ism in America

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Classism in America has become the new acceptable form of discrimination.  I mean everyone knows racism is wrong and dare not be mentioned in polite conversation but classism now that’s another story entirely. If Obama could become President could we possibly still be a racist or even a classist nation?

Let me put this in context for you, St. Tammany Parish is an affluent community just outside of New Orleans and there is a new high school being built.  This high school will help deal with the growth in the community.  In order to populate this school naturally there will be some redistricting of the area.  With redistricting much of the poorer individuals live in the new school district simply based on location to the new school.  It is not a coincidence that the lower socioeconomic region is also mostly comprised of minorities. I say mostly because the others are in the very affluent non-minority surrounding subdivisions.  It is of course the non-minorities that are up in arms.  Their obscene argument against them being included in the new district is the percentage of students on the free or reduced lunch program will be much higher than those in the old school district.

Let’s just say for argument sake they are keenly aware that test score and economic well being has been linked in several studies.  Let’s also say race is a non-issue.  The overall lower test scores are for that lower income bracket and not for every student at that school. That is to me a no brainer.  Of course if you are worried about how your parents will pay the rent or buy food you won’t test as well. How on earth can a rational school system decide district lines based on class. Well if you live in south Louisiana they can and will. The Times Picayune has run several articles about it.

Until we realize we are not fighting for scarce resources and it is our obligation and duty as the haves to help the have nots we will remain uncivilized.  Why aren’t we talking about solutions for the social problems that are so ingrained?  If we continue to segregate from “The Others” we will never evolve as a community or as a nation.  I have no doubt you will see “White Flight” along subdivision lines.

This is a perfect example of JLM Syndrome, that is Just Like Me Syndrome. In today’s volatile economic conditions that free lunch card could be for your child and well I guess we would just have to ask you, politely, to change schools.  I mean we can’t mess up the ratios.  You wouldn’t want that now would you?

As Martian Luther King, Jr. once said, “An injustice to anyone, is an injustice to everyone”.


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