Why Do We Buy Bottled Water?

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66 Responses to “Why Do We Buy Bottled Water?”

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because studies have proven that there are prescription drugs in most major US cities’ water supplies. stop “moderating” this post while letting comments like “amen” get posted.

Makes a good point but the last panel is misleading. Bottled water may not be all that great, but they could be slightly better than the average person’s tap water. Bottled water is at the very least filtered slightly more. Sure it’s probably not worth the price, but at least there’s some method to people’s madness in buying them.

bottled water tastes better. get over it. plus americans use purified sewer water.. that (whether it’s purified or not) bothers a lot of people.. it’s not your money so don’t whine about it.

Clever but self serving, and not very helpful.

Bottled water is closer to pure water, you can taste the difference. It doesn’t matter if its from a different tap, the point is its from a *better* tap. (else no repeat business)

The solution is simple, though, not easy.

Develop a low cost (from the American perspective, since that’s the target audience) home distiller unit. (But wait, then people could start catching rain water for home use, oh noes!)

The easiest way to purify water is to pull it out of everything else.

Make a better product easier and the problem will go away. Quit blaming consumers.

Technology is the answer to every problem if properly developed and applied.

tap water`s great i have a pair of fine man breasts to prove it

Bottled Water is more convenient – Americans are willing to pay extra for the convenience rather than spend time filling up their own [reusable] water bottles.

because fluoride is a poison.

Tap water is regulated by the Clean Water Act that was passed in the U.S. Congress during the 1970s. This means that there are stringent regulations on the way this water is tested for existing bacteria and additives to treat the growth of this bacteria. Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration which does not regulate bacteria levels in the water or any additives added to the water. Ironically, as the cartoon suggests, a lot of bottled water is just filtered tap water.

I just get mine filtered through reverse osmosis and other techniques, 25 cents a gallon. Nothing like water that doesn’t have a caustic flavor that will make you never drink it. I donno, I just have a thing against chlorine in my body.

Why do we buy bottled water?

because oil on the cans is not good for our healty….

I heard the inaugral lecture of an anthropologist a few years back. Apparently we buy bottle water when community trust is low.

At a guess, there will be more bottled water sold in communities where there are poor parts of town and the rich feel horrendously guilty.

Personally, I buy it to get the bottles. Then I fill up at the tap. The plunger top gets sterlized by 30sec in the microwave.

It’s called “marketing” Why else would you see some single man/woman driving around in some gas guzzling Hummer? Marketing! Make them “cool” “trendy” it’s the “in thing” to drink “this water”

How do I know? My company is Symbion Marketing LLC… No, I do not market bottled water or H2’s or H3’s or whatever else GM is trying to jam down our throats.

I do know however that most of us don’t “need” 80% of the stuff we buy… Marketers make us “want” it. And once you understand the difference between the two, your eyes open to what marketers are up to…

I think you mean 3 millions tons of CO2.

3 tons is not much.

subliminal messaging is the reason why we “buy” bottled water, I always have “buyer’s remorse” afterwards, after I done spent my hard earned money and realized I don’t need that!

The tap water in my town contains e coli and can only be killed with bleach. Thats why. But be my guest, drink my tap water.

I’m proud to say I drink from the tap. Put some lemon in your water if you are afraid of toxins or you don’t like the taste. Bottled water is such a rip off.

Some tap water’s disgusting, actually. My grandparents had a pipe crack underground that let dirt and God knows what else into their water, and they didn’t realize it until it got visibly bad, while it had been contaminated for weeks.

My own septic tank’s backed into our faucets before.

There are viable reasons to buy tap water. The water may be clean at the source or in the tank, but it isn’t always by the time it reaches your house.

I can’t taste the difference. That is to say, Portland doesn’t have fluoride in the water, but even if we did, so what? Fluoride is good for your teeth.

We buy water mostly because of marketing. But water can be quite nasty in some cities and even some rural areas. Bottled water for a very large percentage of the population is a total rip off, but for others it is a necessity.

Bottled water sales are dropping. I would imagine as the economy tumbles, water will become more palatable. 🙂

Buy. A. Brita. Filter. Or something similar.
It solves your problems.

My grandmother boils her water…it’s just as healthy.

@ Anon, that’s what I did. I got the pitcher kind, so that I could refrigerate it as well.

@ Marina Whitehill, it’s good for your teeth on contact. Unlike, for example, calcium, it’s not good for you when you swallow it. That’s why you can’t swallow toothpaste or mouthwash.

Wow, did this rattle some cages or what? So much of the bottled water available here really is just plain bottled tap water. One of the largest plants in Michigan is located in Detroit and simply uses straight Detroit City water.

We are simply stupid sheep – that’s why we buy so much bottled water. There should be a labeling law that requires them to cite the source of their water right underneath the pretty picture of those nice mountains.

If we don’t put the water in the bottle, how do we keep the water in refrigerator ?

well for tat i’m lucky to be in singapore…u turn on the tap,into ur favourite cup,into ur mouth..

It is simple : people who want to make money make us believe that bottled water is better so we should buy it.

because it EASIER? It is not really because of the taste because a good filter makes sweet tasty water. I cannot deal with tossing those bottles into the landfills personally. I don’t know, I do not like bottled water, I like my filtered water both for drinking, cooking and showering. I fill my own stainless steel bottles with my good home filtered water. Good restaraunts ALWAYS filter the water too. You can TASTE the difference, just ask them they will tell you. IT changes the flavor of the food, so if it is a good restaraunt ( expensive?) with a chef that cares about the food, chances are the water is filtered. Good home water filters eliminate all the flouride and pesticides and the water tastes sweet and pure. Drink up! or you can Link over to my site and just drink juice!

What do you mean this “We,” Keemosabi?

Surely all the money that is wasted on bottled water if pooled would comfortably pay to improve the quality of water supply in each m,ajor city in the US (and beyond)? So, it then becomes a collective action and deferred consumption issue (i.e. how do you get every one to pay now for benefits they can’t be excluded from and which will occur over time?).

Nice cartoon…

Anybody have a taste test between bottled water vs. tap? There is very little difference in taste between the two – honestly, you have to be looking for it and you probably still won’t find it.

Drink from the tap. Use a filter. Get a well.

It’ll save you money in the long run.

[…] Why Do We Buy Bottled Water? […]

Does anybody notice that there are hundreds of views regarding this whole “ban the bottle” campaign because most cities have different water qualities? We cannot blame those who have awful tasting water, or yellow or brownish water coming out of their tap from preferring bottled water. Of course there are filtering systems for the home, but people get used to certain tastes and they are willing to pay for it. As far as getting rid of bottled water from government buildings and schools – I sure hope these people put as much enthusiasm and energy to getting rid of soda and other sugar-based drinks as well as those “energy” drinks. I doubt that will happen.
Why don’t cities and water utility companies start reporting on how many water fountains they have available throughout the cities and their maintenance programs, why don’t they tell us how they will guarantee that all our plumbing will be to par and we will receive the same quality water from our tap that was put in at the other end? Has anyone tried to read the water analysis report that water utilities put out? You need a Chemistry degree to figure out what it all means and whether its good or not.
It will be a few years before we realize that we should have just invested in more recycling programs instead of banning the healthy choice that people are willing to pay for. If we think there is an obesity problem with kids now, just wait until they ban bottled water – we’ll be blaming it on McDonalds on I am sure. And as far a carrying a canteen of water with me wherever I go – I may as well have to pack a lunch to please the whole world.

Bottled water has also taken hold in the UK where we now spend £2 billion a year. Earlier this year our environment minister called it immoral and took the stance that the government should make it as unfashionable as smoking. They can’t exactly legislate on this though and make it illegal. In the mean time its impact on the ennvironment is scary – with 600 times more C02 generated from bottled water than tap water! Still I have to admit that I like the taste better than tap water and I am guilty of buying it on occasions.

We need to remember that the cities’ water utility companies don’t only provide drinking water. Much of their output needs only be good enough to wash in and with (and unfortunately also flushed through cisterns and pushed out graden hoses). They need to weigh the benefits of providing tastier water versions the costs thereof.

i actually live very close to where Poland Spring gets their water in Maine. and people from around here STILL buy the stuff instead of getting it from their tap, which is the same thing.

Anybody who wastes their hard earned cash on bottled water, needs to wath this video.
[url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XfPAjUvvnIc]Penn and Teller[/url]

Not really they are just smart the people who bottle water and have fancy names for it.

I’m in New York and gas is $3.49 by the gallon if you luck upon a cheap place but I specifically remember ringing up a gallon of water when working at a supermarket and each gallon was $1.09. Bottled water is more convenient when on the go and it tastes better anyway.

the amount of drugs in city water is so incredibly small you have a better shot of destroying your liver from overdosing on aspirin than you do of the slightest side effect from scripts in water.

Edited by moderator for verbal attacking. Keep it clean. Thanks

you know what my favorite thing in the world is? tomorrow someone can say ” paper clips have been found to cause global warming” oh sorry “climate change” my fault, i forgot global warming is to “real” of a term for american ears. any way…. someone says that paper clips are causing “climate change” and everyone will immediately get rid of every paper clip they see and harass endlessly the people that dont based on what the idiot box said. then every company to do with anything will come out with paper clip alternatives and all those people will spend every penny they have on them to prove they’re better than everyone else because they bought these useless insignificant paper clip alternative.

my house has well water, which unfiltered, tastes like rotten eggs (smells like it too, which makes showers unpleasant) and if you try to filter it with a Brita or something, it breaks the filter.

that is why we buy bottled water.

I’ve never met ANYONE in my city who’s had a problem with the water, so unless there’s a pipe break the tap is good enough for me. So what if there’s poison and/or steroids in the tap water? It’s good for the immune system.

Besides, fluoride is good for your teeth, and it’s delicious! Can’t get enough of that tasty fluoride!

I would rather drink bottle water anyday. There is prove that prescription meds has been found in public drinking water. But if you want to be really safe then go buy a machine that can make H2O out of thin air. They cost below $2300. And can make between 5-10 gallons a day just from AIR no plastic needed.

ha funny! i keep telling my wife not to buy bottled water, but she doesnt listen. we have filtered water in the fridge anyway. good arguments above…ill forward here this. funny too!

So true! But when you’re not drinking water from the tap, where does all that tap water go?

Your comment on a machine that makes water out of thin air was intriguing. Yes there really is such an invention by a Canadian company which is due out soon. It claims to make a litre of water but the drawback is that it will not work if the relative humidy is below 30%. The machine is called the watermill and it only uses the same amount of electricity as three light bulbs. Perhaps to be more eco friendly, the inventor could consider adapting it to work from solar power. In the mean time this may be an alternative solution to bottled water.

for the assurance that we are not drinking water straight from the urinal…

Hahaha, it makes ZERO sense.

Dasani and Aquafina are both just municipal(city water) that has been purified……

You fools, bottled water does not taste better.

One of the major bottled water companies (one owned by Pepsi I believe) gets all of its water from the municipal water source of Corpus Cristi Texas!

Because fluoridation is a lot more than what most people believe it to be.


Simply googling ‘fluoridation’ can lead to a bunch of informative sites that will explain why a number of people choose bottled water, and why many countries have stopped fluoridating.

tap water makes me stronger! But seriously, if i die from drinking tap water, someone i know will get very rich.

I’ve always said that I’m not buying a bottle of water but rather a bottle of convience.

People often drink bottled water because it’s better for them than picking up a soda when they’re out and about. A lot of public places have crappy tasting water. Like most schools I attended, for example.

If they weren’t drinking bottled water, they’d probably be drinking soda out of plastic bottles anyway. At least water’s healthier.

We simply need to make recycling more of a priority. Like putting a 5 cent deposit on all the bottles. It’s a cheap way to ensure that folks don’t send them all to the landfills.

Because tap water typically doesn’t taste very good, and while healthier than a lot of public water in the world, still isn’t healthy. Run the same figures and see how much of a carbon footprint producing Coke or Pepsi leaves.

now this is what is something the eco crowd should jump on with two feet. wastes energy and materials for nothing.

I remember when I was first presented with the bottled water option about ten years ago now. I was insulted that I had to pay for something so basic and refused to play. As the quality of our municipal tap water deteriorated I gradually submitted, to my great displeasure. After a while it became routine. However, in the past 3-4 years we have installed an RO system so now we are back to drinking out of the tap. I guess this step will take quite a while to amortize but it feels like a saving. At least we have banished disposable plastic bottles from our waste stream.

One can also have a problem like exists in many of the towns like the one I grew up in. Our tiny hamlets and post rural-mining communities are lucky to get funding to patch a pot hole, let alone take care of the fact that most of our municipal water lines were made of LEAD.

Chlorination is a practice that is becoming ‘fashinable’ again and the studies on long term effects of regular flouride use will not be in until it’s plain too late for our generation, should they prove to have any ill effects at all.

Prescription medicines leaching ito ground water and river sources are also of primary concern, yes, but so is the run off from vehicles and tar lined roofs. Personally, in my town, our local plant has been cited at least two times in the past 4 years for having unexceptable levels of heavy metals and organic compounds in the mix. SO much for stringent regulations.

As far as I can see, it comes out to this: There are a few people out there who’ve nothing better to do than throw wealth around and it is true that a number of them have made bottled water the in thing to do. But the elitism of the few does not somehow trump the reality that uv exposure, coal filtration and distilation (often which all three of these meathods are employed) make for a cleaner, healthier product. The sad part is not that people buy bottled water, but that the same level of care is not put into basically ANY municipal supply in the land.

I buy bottled water. Not the little soft drink-sized bottles, the big water cooler sized bottles. Why? The water in my city is very hard. My cat likes his cat fountain, and I like my coffee maker. It’s bad enough I have to scrape hard water deposits off the shower head, and out of the toilet, or soak everything in that CLR poison. If I can avoid it, I will. You can take your happy tap water and use it for whatever you choose. I choose not to.


Watch this. Second half is about bottled water.

Edit by moderator: This comes in at about Minute 16.30. It is a good video. Thanks

Oh, well I buy bottled water because it’s filtered and it tastes better than my tap water. I don’t think they just get their water from a tap.

Well, this is based on the false assumption that everyone gets their water from “public” sources. Homes that have their water pre-cleaned and pre-processed and whatnot.

I have well water. It smells like sulfur and I will not drink it. It’s for bathing and washing clothes with. That’s why I drink bottled water.

There is some high horse thinking in this presentation.

Or you could Just buy a filter (i.e.Britta) and help yourself as well as the environment.
plastics hurt us and the earth.

irrelevant, the bottled water will be manufactured regardless of you deciding you dont wish to purchase it

most bottled water is literally just pulled out of the municipal water supplies before they finish filtering it. In the tap water there is several more filtration steps after they pull the bottled water and then they add some minerals back into it for taste because if you’ve honestly ever had truly pure water you would know it is actually rather harsh and somewhat milky.

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