What Is Obama Gonna Do For You?

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1. Get me a puppy.

2. Get me a job…. a good paying job.

3. Universal Health Care.

4. Get us out of Iraq..ASAP like by February 20, 2009.

5. Peace On Earth.

6. Better Schools and Teachers.

7. Improved Infrastructure.

8. Economic Stability.

In this time for giving thanks I keep hearing people being thankful for the election.  I must say I too am thankful for that.  Is it possible that people could be a bit too hopeful? Let me explain. I am hearing people say that they are hopeful that Obama will bring peace on earth. Look I have been praying for peace on earth since I was a little girl but he was elected President not the Messiah.  I think we are expecting too much to put it bluntly. He is but one man and in order for us not to have a big let down we might condiser a few realistic expecitations.

What do you expect Obama to do for you?


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3 Responses to “What Is Obama Gonna Do For You?”

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I’ve been asking for a new pony on christmas =)
But seriously yeah… just fixing the normal things are going to be a full-time job.

1. Raise my taxes.

2. Lower the earnings in my prospective field of study (dentistry).

Basically, most people expect him to be Jesus and fix everything, but he won’t. It’s good to have a change, I think, but there are costs.

Excellent short sweet article. I agree he may be a great president someday but never the Messiah and hopefully when we realize that he is not the Messiah we will not judge him for not saving the world.

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