How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

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First don’t freak out it can be a lot of fun. Yes fun!

Know your tree types. Because most artificial trees today mimic real ones, the tree type is equally important to consider for both artificial and live trees. The advantages for artificial are, they are better for the environment, your allergies will thank you and they will save you money over time. Trees vary in coloration, needle style and shape, creating a look and feel to complement personal style and preference. Among some popular varieties are the Fraser Fir, Scotch pine, Noble fir, Spruce and Douglas fir. Yet another option is a potted tree.  No reason to cut it down. Keep it all year long.

Where do you want to buy it? Artificial trees can be purchased online or at the obvious local big box stores.  If you have a bit more to spend the service and quality at specialty stores are hard to beat. You can even buy one pre-decorated. Yup take the fun right of the equation.

Live (pre-cut) trees can be purchased at small lots or at your local big box store. I often go to Home Depot in my area they have the best price and selection.  If you go to a big box store bring scissors and a tape measure.  The price is good but they are busy and don’t assist you like the pricier options.

Cut your own is a fun family option. the National Christmas Tree Association can refer you to your local association for a list of tree farms in your area, as well as farms that specialize in living Christmas trees. Call 314-205-0944 or visit

Pick the right size for your space. Trees can be 18 inches short or over 12 feet tall. Also keep in mind that the stand and tree topper will add another 1-2 feet to the hight . So if you have 8 foot cealings don’t get a 12 foot tree. The With is also important. Okay that is my unintional joke of the day. Moving along….

Pick a Healthy Tree. keep in mind a healthy tree will only loose a few needles when you shake it. If the tree is brown or light for its size, pick another tree. Look for bald spots, make sure the base and body of the tree are straight..  Now the top make sure it has one in tact top. One not two like the one I had last year did. Yes the second top can be trimmed off but it will never look the same. Have the tree people, yes I said tree people they don’t have a title…trim 2-3 inches off the base and re-wrap it.

Now get it Home. Bring a vehicle that can transport a tree.  On Top, in the trunk, or even the back seat (if you are so inclined) but think about it before your purchase.  Last year I saw a lady ,after she bought the tree, realize she owned the worlds smallest car with a giant tree.  Okay I repeat…..Bring a vehicle that can transport your tree.

Before you know it you will be on your way with your new tree.

Happy Hunting!small-car-large-tree


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I remember in years gone by wistfully looking at evergreens growing in our neighborhood, contemplating how they would look all pimped up in our living-room. Thing is, I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned money at the local tree lot. We’re talking up to fifty or sixty dollars for a nice tree here. Finally, a couple of years ago we broke down and bought a pretty nice looking (and compact) artificial tree. I never thought it would come to this but in only two years it has paid for itself and now we don’t have to deal with the shedding needles, the sticky pitch or disposal. I know our one-time purchase isn’t helping the Christmas tree industry, but according to all the piles we see in the landfill each year they are still doing a gang-buster business.

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