Does Bottled Water Taste Better Than Tap Water?

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This is a very good video.  It was done by Penn and Teller for their Showtime series. While it does cover many of the arguments regarding tap versus bottled water it is not every aspect. For example, it does not consider those on well water and various other issues regarding water quality.


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2 Responses to “Does Bottled Water Taste Better Than Tap Water?”

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Penn & Teller are great. Sure, they’re not exactly scientifically accurate, and their shows are blatantly one-sided, but they do know how to prove a point. Particularly if it’s an unpopular one.

I feel like their show is designed not only to entertain, but to incite; hence why their language is so crude and their show so unbalanced. It encourages people to think. Even if they end up disagreeing with Penn & Teller, at least they got someone thinking.

I love the shots with the garden hose…

I would agree that bottled water, which, in many cases is merely municipal tap water, has some significant drawbacks, the least of which is that is is unregulated for quality by the FDA and EPA in interstate commerce. Next, of course, is the wasted plastic not to mention the carbon emissions generated to make the bottles, fill the bottles and transport the bottles to market. Then there is the fact that approximately 15% or so of the bottles are actually recycled. This is an environmental nightmare.

Abnormally “record” low levels of water in aquifers, wells, reservoirs and traditional water sources, is resulting in what could amount to be a severe drinking water shortage. Low levels, coupled with the increasing evidence of water contamination (both manmade and natural, including pathogenic microorganisms,) means that providing an untainted, pure and dependable source of drinking water for families must be a priority for local and state officials.

Home filter systems are one positive approach to creating better water to drink. However home water systems, no matter how expensive or how sophisticated in design, still use tap water as the source. Home systems also waste between 3-5 times the amount of water produced. You must take this into account when calculating not only the cost per gallon but also the ecological impact.

One of the solutions to the water problem is our DewPointe™ atmospheric water system. The remarkable DewPointe™ makes water from the air, about 2-3 gallons a day or more in more humid climates. The water is 99.99% pure. It is completely free from all manmade and natural contaminants including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. It is “just pure water”. Insure your family’s health and security and check out this unique water system at

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