Darwin’s Theory In Action

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This couple should not breed.
clipped from www.buzzfeed.com

Sex:  You're Doing It Wrong

Sex: You’re Doing It Wrong
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67 Responses to “Darwin’s Theory In Action”

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Damn, he should’ve just let natural selection work its magic.

oh. geez. bwahahahahahaha…


Someone should submit this to failblog.

Ok, ok, I’ve heard of people mistaking the asshole, but at least they had it in a hole! What was he doing? Aiming for her taint?

Seriously, how do people like this get through life?


those people really shouldn’t pro-create.

I live just a few minutes from Bloomsburg…and, sadly, this kind of hickish stupidity is only the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps…telling them how to breed was the ACTUAL mistake here.

The following comment was moderated for your convenience:

man, there’s breast intercourse so why not thigh-intercourse? Come to think of it, that seems like just about the next best thing to real sex.

FYI I inserted intercourse and breast where other potentially offensive words were used. 🙂 actually I liked it the other way but I wanted to be considerate.

This is what happens when you make sex taboo in a society. Poor bastard had clearly never seen a porn flick before.

Also a good case for comprehensive sex-ed.

This is priceless.
Somebody needs a lesson!

They’re too damn old to breed anyways, At least the woman is anyways.

Well…damn. And I thought I knew some dumb people. Apparently not haha.

this came from the town where I graduated college from. Im full of school pride right now. 4 years right down the drain.

Wow, this is actually an article from my home news paper. I would like to point out that this paper tends to make people sound a lot more stupid than they really are. You often find outrageous articles like this in this paper.

Well I suppose if she’s a hefty woman/he’s a little guy he could get confused with the fat creases. Maybe.

Uh…how did she NOT know that something wasn’t right? Him I could understand…kind of…but her? There’s a very clear difference between your thighs and your vajay. The only explanation I can come up with is that she’s enormous and he’s REALLY small in the pants.

I imagine they were Jesus freaks.

omfg. rofl.

Woman’s fault. First, she should OPEN her legs, not keep them closed. Second, she’s probably quite large and therefore is one of those girls that HAS TO HAVE the lights out and the covers over everything. Some women just have to complicate everything 😉

if a girl wanted me to nail her between the thighs (literally), I would.

Oh God!
Please tell me that IS real.

Thanks for the laugh

It’s not just one complete idiot not knowing what to do, it’s two. And who says opposites attract!

LOL it’s definitely real too as i subscribe to the newspaper that this is in.


Reason No. 2398 Not to Wait Until Marriage


oh my God 😀 😀 😀 😀

Apparently Obama finally figured out how to do it. Perhaps the doctor put a teleprompter in Obama’s bedroom so Dumbama could follow its directions.


ROFLMAO at these comments. The comments made the actual post even more hilarious.

Oh Dear…seriously???? nyahahahahahaha :0

… Seriously…? The wife didn’t know what / where HER genitalia was?

Seriously? Sigh.

OMG! Unbelievable. LOl! 😆

It’s not only amazing that there are actually people this unbelievably unintelligent in our society but also the fact that they are in any way permitted to pro-create. The product of life stemming from these two would surely contribute great things to our world.

Nice One Steve!
I can’t believe we elected a president with such a horrible name. It’s so easy to make fun of. Dumbama, Stupidama, Idiotama, Moronobama, Alabama, the list goes on and on. Hopefully he’ll misread the teleprompter someday and say something Dumbama enough that we can just impeach him.

I read about a worried couple where the husband had been penetrating the wife in her naval, and she was not able to conceive.

At least here is no direct evidence that these people were members of a Republican sub-committee.



maybe they shouldn’t have been allowed to breed….there are just somethings that shouldn’t be fixed.

People like this shouldn’t breed it goes against the concept of natural selection. Imagine the look on his face when he finally got it right.

were they cousins by any chance

Steve you’re so funny!
I’m kidding.

Haha oh wow, I can’t believe this ended up on the internet. Sadly I live in Bloomsburg 😦

ravelers comment “Imagine the look on his face when he finally got it right.” is the best!

nice one

I read a story about a couple that both experienced terrible pain and difficulty in coitus. The Dr. they consulted asked some questions and discovered they were attempting to use the woman’s urethra for sex (arguably, pain or not the man must have been veeeery small for this to be possible in any way.)

haha reminds me of Idiocracy. Great Movie.

People are quite right, this pair really should have been let slip into blisful extinction…

i bet he was catholic

Steve, don’t be bitter just because they wrote an article about you and your wife. If the election had gone the other way, I wouldn’t be making ‘funny jokes’ about McLame… Dur!

Thanks man.But you have to put in your mind that ` doing mistakes in life is what proves that your a human being’.Keep it up.


Funny. That’s not what your wife, sister and mom said about me.


That must have been some really boring sex for her…

“This couple should not breed.”

Don’t worry. They won’t.

??? Really ??? How the hell?

See, this is why abstinence-only sex education isn’t a good thing. If nobody learns how to properly have sex, then everybody’s going to turn out as dumb as these two.

Man i know when he finally got up in it…he quit his job, stopped all his hobbies, and just sat in bed all day SMASHIN!

That is just pathetic. Guys like this do not deserve to even get a hard-on. Check out the latest wonkery and douchebaggery at twobigboobs.wordpress.com

We love to criticize politicians, comedians, famous or not…if you’re stupid, we’ll take you on at Two Big Boobs Blog

Why did the wife not say anything! Was he so small that she couldn’t tell?! WoW!

Why did the doc set him straight? Now he’s
going to reproduce. Eek

That is really special, I with the Doc hadn’t straightened them out, I don’t think we want them reproducing.

Rather stupid of everyone saying “This is why you need practice!”

Everyone has a first time, whether they wait until they’re married or not. I’m one of those “idiots” waiting for marriage, but these people are not “unpracticed”: they are stupid. Simple.

Well that just goes to prove the old theory that if your parents didn’t have any children, chances are you won’t either!

if it feels good it feels good

ha ha i think that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day

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