India’s Answer To Same Sex Marriage

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gay-indianThe BBC recently ran a story titled “Indian Village Paves Way to Love”. It chronicles the hardships faced by the 121 confirmed bachelors which without a road remain single. They were left with empty promises after the newly elected Member of the Legislative Assembly did not provide the road he pledged. They in their frustration decided to build their own road, and have succeeding in completing half thus far. Their efforts have been halted by land ownership issues.

To that I say bull,  that’s right bull. My guess is this is where India sends their gays. Yes I know gay is not plural. As reported by The Washington Post in June 2008 thousands … okay hundreds marched in New Delhi in attempt to shine the light on gay rights or the lack there of in India. Apparently Gay does not exist in India.

The Indian Penal Code contains a colonial-era provision known as Section 377, which prohibits sexual activity that is “against the order of nature.” The statute carries punishment of up to 10 years in prison.

Against the order of nature? Wow that seems rather vague.  I can think of lots of people that such a rule would apply to. I think I will use that excuse tonight.  Sorry babe I would like to but it would be “against the order of nature.”  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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3 Responses to “India’s Answer To Same Sex Marriage”

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Lol…you really didn’t have to give me credit for it. but thanks.

Here is the order of nature.

1. Maintain homeostasis, maintain life (eat, drink, etc.)


These are the two rules that all of nature follows. Look at whales, oak trees, snakes, whatever. First live, then pass on genes to next generation. This is where “against the order of nature” comes from. Gays cannot reproduce, they can’t pass genes on, not the way all the rest of nature works. It’s really not that hard of a concept and is really not vague at all.

There are several examples of homosexuality in nature…

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