What Your Tattoo Says About You

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So that Tattoo seemed like a good idea at the time. Who knows maybe you still think it looks rockin’? First sign of an issue, you say rockin’.

The Red is my personal favorite.

Thanks to Cracked for the image

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17 Responses to “What Your Tattoo Says About You”

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So True

I have a tattoo on my forearm and my neck, and a job that probably pays better than whoever made this. Give me a break, they’re not taboo anymore, get out of the fucking stone age.

First, I found this very funny. So now I will critisize it. Really, the forarm is red ( I will never have a job that pays taxes) When was this created, in the 80’s. Most of it’s spot on. Though, I was hoping for, “If you have a heart you’re sentimental. If you have skulls you’re afraid of other people opinions of you.” I have tattoos on my knees, as well as most of the colored areas, and there was nothing poking fun at that. I wish there was.

Srsly? I have a scalp tattoo and i just grew my hair out. Its not that hard to hide. It is in fact hard to show off.

Agreed with Steve and Jason.

Regardless of what some people say, there is still a large amount of discomfort out there regarding obvious or extreme inking. While many people (particularily the under 35 crowd) are perfectly fine with tats of all kinds, many others are still quite leery of a bloke who walks in with tattoos all over him. For the large part, the pic is still accurate, though we all know a dozen exceptions, Steve being a good example.

forearms don’t fit into the same category as the head…..

hahaha thats awesome

What a load of rubbish. I just stumbled this an saw the idiot graph and so had to comment. Very stupid and pointless.

I agree with anon. I have a job, which i pay taxes for, and I have forearm tattoos. Many workplaces today are fine with forearm tattoos, but many are not. Its not that hard, however, to put on a shirt with long sleeves. Any time I go to an interview, I wear long sleeves until I know what the company’s policy is. I don’t think the forearms should be red, in fact, I’d say they should be green

Yes, but not in all the countries are accepted, believe me, there are places like banks that check you first.

I have forearm tattoos and i have a good job that pays taxes. Every other group was funny but the only thing i disagree with is the forearm. Because you can easily cover it up, if the job doesnt like it, so that asumption is stupid. Its really not that hard to wear long sleeves. Its really funny that people criticize others about tattoos. Tattoos are ways for people to express themselves, it doesnt ruin your life.

i’m with steve.

i have no tattoos, but my partner does, many of which are visible, and he runs a very successful restaurant.

i guess if someone refuses to hire someone who’s heavily inked, that’s kind of their problem. my boyfriend was offered jobs on the condition that he cut his hair and take out his piercings, or he was refused partly BECAUSE of his long hair, tattoos and piercings. these people lost themselves the hardest worker they will ever have the privilege of meeting.

Meh, I work in a corporate wall street office that allows me to show my awesome forearm tattoo.
I agree, please join us in the present.

People, people… realize there are exceptions for exceptions in this world. This is obviously a generalized (and meant to be comical as well) display of basic ink locations.

I think nearly everyone can say “oh, xyz location has people that have full body art on every person working there and the CEO loves it!”. That doesn’t automagically mean the world has “opened it’s eyes”, or this is “yesterday”.

I guess it also matters what it is that’s inked in… I mean, I have one on my upper arm of an iron cross (just that, not decorated, etc) and people keep asking me if I’m a neo-nazi. Imagine how it’d be if you had that tatted on your neck, during your first interview?

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