How Not To Take A Facebook Profile Picture

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Okay there are so many things wrong with this image.

First of all it’s a self-portrait in the car, kinda weird.

Second her kid is giving a dirty look in the background.

Third and most important…. she is driving on the interstate!

facebook profile pic

Yup this is an actual profile picture from one of my Facebook friends. I’m thinking she might drop me after this. I can deal with that.

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23 Responses to “How Not To Take A Facebook Profile Picture”

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AHAHAHHAA! that kid’s face is priceless.

i’d fucking bang her.

i love the kid’s look in the back!


And then she’s not even wearing her freakin’ seatbelt..

Thats another reason why I dont use Facebook LOL

Maybe it is one of those new high intensity red light cameras and she was posing as she whizzed on by.

haha, I have been puzzle on several of my friends from facebook, they have been took the picture of themselves while driving! Oh dear!

My wife takes pix like these with the kids. I always hoped that she was at a stop light or train track then.

Funny but I am glad she wasn’t on a train track.

This could be a picture taken in a larger vehicle where she isn’t driving but sitting in the middle row of seats.

Don’t be so quick to judge and especially criticize when you don’t have all possible facts in hand. I do think I would have done some editing of the picture, though.

AND no seatbelt.


James from Brazil *******. This is AMERICA WE AIN”T SIT IN NO MIDDLE SEATS. Did I mention James from Brazil *******?

Moderated for your pleasure

That’s all well and good, James, but your argument of a larger vehicle kind of falls apart once you realize you can SEE the wall of the car right over her shoulder. Perhaps spatial awareness isn’t as prevalent in Brazil, but I definitely noticed that right away.

i’d hit it

the steering wheel is on the other side **** *****

Moderated for your pleasure


Not the middle seat, but the middle ROW of seats. Like some minivans have the front, middle, and back.

thats quite clearly a british road and she is sat in the passenger seat.

I was thinking she might be in the UK and someone else is driving, but you know her so I guess she’s just a nut.

So first off, the blogger here is going to know where this woman is from, and consider that before posting it. On top of that, you can see green road signs in the background. Road signs are not green in the UK. She is almost certainly driving in the US or Canada. If you look at the rear window of the car, you can clearly see that it is a sedan, since the window slants backwards significantly and there is a surface between its base and the top of the rear seat. Minivans don’t have these features.

So this blogger is completely correct in assuming that this woman is an idiot.

And she’s not wearing a seatbelt…

It is possible that the image was mirrored.
It is possible that this Vehicle seats 7 and she is in the MIDDLE ROW! If she is in the middle row it is possible that the front passenger is taking the photo of the people behind her and it is not a self portrait. In any case she is not wearing her seat belt so I have reported her to the proper authorities.

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