What Evidence?

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Watch closely or you might miss it.

This made me laugh so hard…..and they say criminals are stupid.

Thanks to fail gif for the clip

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318 Responses to “What Evidence?”

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LOL, what a stupid criminal. I wonder what that was that he ate?


criminal win for creativity.

criminal fail for being filmed.

Well, it is stupid because the officer knows he put the drugs there. And the amount of drugs he may have consumed could kill him. Darwinism in action. At best he’ll be put on a’Potty watch’ till they pass through his system. Very annoying for the officers on duty. The job ain’t finished till the paperwork’s done, as they say.

epicness dude. criminals who are good at their job tend to be some of the brightest people

love it!

im rofling rite now

that guy is still stupid.. every cop car has a surveillance camera mounted on the dashboard. that’s why the put the criminals on the hood.

That’s kind of hypnotic.

He was pulled over for trying to rob a bank. The paper that the cops pulled out of his pocket was the note that he passed to the bank teller that said he was going to rob the bank. And he would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for the camera.

It wasn’t drugs. It’s clearly a piece of paper. This guy was arrested for robbing a bank and they think that what he ate was the note that he showed the teller to give him the money.

he robbed a bank that’s the note its not drugs

He actually ate the note he used to try and rob a bank earlier.
Even though it’s on camera now they can’t use the note as evidence during his trial.

Without the camera evidence he’d still be busted once he started farting cocaine in the holding cell.

Okay, then, he’d be farting “I have a gun,” in code.

who cares.. at least he is going to jail high as f***!

“and they say criminal are stupid.”
I say you’re stupid.

He is stupid he did it for the camera

Nice one, typical cops couldnt fight there way out of a paperbag without instructions.

Really funny, I can’t believe they were so busy searching that they missed it. But, your link titled fail gif is broken.

Let’s make this clear… his actions here were genius.

Not so genius to rob a bank, but for his quick reaction in eating that note was epic.

The camera does nothing. What did he eat? A piece of paper. Could easily explain that away… Say, like a mistresses phone number that he didn’t want to be caught with.

So as just said, that piece of evidence that could have easily locked him away instantly (assuming he actually did it), is gone without a single consequence to him… although I’m sure there is enough other evidence to lock him up anyways.


He ate the bank he used to take notes earlier.
Even though it’s on camera now they can’t use the bank as evidence during his trial.

“and they say criminal are stupid”

Chris Tucker lol

I was hoping that was a sheet of acid. (appropriately sized) In which case it wouldn’t pass through his system, and he’d get off scott free. (After probably going permanently insane)

it was a note to a bank teller for all the cash, without it the cops have no case

ah dudes. He’s brilliant. Even if the camera caught him eating it, they still can’t do him for the drugs, coz the evidence is gone. The most they can prolly get him on is obstruction of justice or something silly like that :-p

he is stupid cuz he got caught when they watched the teape so he ate paper for no reason

That guy’s awesome. He may have been filmed, but they’ll never know or be able to prove what was on that piece of paper. I just hope it wasn’t a sheet of acid.

What does the left cop take out of his own shirt and throw on the bonnet?????


guys it wasn’t drugs it was evidence of a note that was used in robbing a bank… who cares about the camera because we cant see what was on the paper…

Wow. So funny! It took me a couple of times to figure it out.

its clearly paper, not drugs fs

Doesnt matter if he was videoed eating it, can you prove what it was he ate? No.

What is the paper?

Bank robbery note – boring.
Sheet of acid – HILARIOUS!

Enough of this crap about it being a note. He ate a used napkin from KFC.

As long as he was smart enough not to talk about what he ate when confronted with the video. Or just says, “I was so angry at my treatment, it was all I could do to strike out at the injustice of another black man being hassled by the police.

This is awesome, whether or not he ate drugs or a note or whatever, he was definitely thinking on his feet. Now if he could put that quick thinking to use for something other than crime would be great!

They are, they just used the video of him eating the evidence as evidence.

Man, that was great! Thanks for posting

While funny, the guy is now doubly boned. Now he has a charge of tampering/destruction of evidence to contend with as well. He may have been able to explain away a note, but now to explain away his destruction of it? Good luck.

Since he ate his hold up note, he’ll totally get off scot free. Except for the fact that the teller will probably be able to ID him. Oh, and the surveillance footage from the bank.

f**n’ epic
way to go bro!

he was stupid enough to get filmed eating the evidence.

He might have gotten away with attempted robbery, but eating that note is tempering with evidence, regardless what is on the note, that is a felony offense.

He can only be charged with destroying evidence if they can prove it was evidence. Any decent lawyer can dispense with that. But if there’s video evidence and an eyewitness, such as a bank teller, it doesn’t matter.

Shawn, the only problem with charging him with destroying evidence is that you can’t prove that it was evidence. All it was was a piece of paper in his pocket unless you can prove otherwise.

yeh he’s stoopid cuz he’s on cam

yeh he was stoopid cuz he was on cam

haha laughably wonderful. that guy is quick. doesnt matter if they see him eating something, without the evidence there is really little they can do about it, as they really have no idea as to what that was unless they can analyze it. besides, i DOUBT that was drugs, eating a plastic bag like that would be pretty much impossible, looked like paper to me. so either it has sensitive information on it, or it was acid, which means he is gonna have one helluva trip in jail.

Let me be very clear to one of the posters before me: THIS IS NOT DARWINISM. Darwinism is the survival of the species most able to adapt, NOT… whatever the ***** you were thinking.

Note this comment was moderated for your pleasure.

some of you think his stupid but it just looks like he ate a piece of paper, even if it were drugs, his penalty would just be for consummation and not for possession and if it was a secret letter he’s f*** free not like other stupid b*******.

Moderated..for your pleasure.

if the criminals so stupid, then why am i the only one who knows what he ate? watch the f*** news its a bank robbery letter as in one passed to the teller. watch the news people

Moderated …keep in mind personal attacks, excessive cursing and name calling may be edited.

i love all the people that think this guy was smart..obviously they were raised on television…snicker..in fact whooville,makes a good point but again, their evidence is right on camera, one of the orderlies will get the potty watch

@John Twelve

It’s DarLOSEism.

It’s just amusing because of how smoothly he chews it up. It fits so seamlessly into his struggle. Too bad it probably only ended up worse for him because of it.

good for that dude for real ha ha

Yes, criminals ARE stupid because, you see, that was 100 hits of Red Dragon acid, man. In about 15 minutes homeboy’s gonna be seeing the Andromeda Galaxy, man.

Blackards sure do some dumb things.

I pity the guy who’s gotta tie a baggy to his butt and rearrange the collected evidence.


awesome !!

is that martin lawrence?

o damn now that is a man thinking on his feet

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well at least he couldve said it was sugar and he is hungry or diabetic and it was a packet of sugar right?

The cut the best part. The smirk he has after he knows he got away with eating the note.

Wasn’t drugs, by the way. It was the note he intended to use for a hold up.

this made my day,lol.

criminal are stoopid

om nom nom nom nom!!

what was that he ate?

jesus that must have been 50 hits of acid that crazy s.o.b.

wow he ate that dollar bill really fast!

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What the heck. did you go off and join some cult? Now you come back and your first post has more comments than ever.

Be careful when they ask you for money.

obviously staged

This is the most awesome gif I’ve ever seen. XD Smart dude!

if he eats it they never know what it is in court… they can only assume it was the note but if they cant get hard evidence that it was actually the note that he passed to the teller then they cant use it.
just got out of jail for sort of the same shit.. but i burned my note

It was on the news. It was a note he gave to a teller in a bank robbery attempt he just left.

Yes and as you can see my new cult members are quite loyal.
As I’m sure you know, I did have to give up all of my worldly possessions but they took on all my debt..so I’m still ahead of the game. :0

he’s stupid because that amount of acid will most definitely make him more empathetic towards the people he’s hurt, and he’ll most likely turn himself in. just dumb

There not drugs. he robbed a bank and that was the note he gave the teller that told her what to do.. it was on the news

that is so funny. thanks for the tip

lol! can’t believe he ate the damn thing xD

Am I the only one who noticed that he looked at the camera before he ate the paper? He knew he was being filmed but it doesn’t matter they still can’t use that paper as evidence in court anymore, the only stupid one is the cop who tossed the paper on the bonnet without even checking what it was.

he only want be high, an last time…

the most interesting thing about this whole deal are these comments…very interesting to look at each one’s perspective..welll worth the price of admissing…GOOD ONE!!

HA! That just goes to show how awesome our justice system is!

He should eat the cop car so they can’t haul him in and then he could eat the cops, but that might be a crime in itself , wait , let me rethink this…


That is the difference between a criminal and a convict! Stupid ass cops!

He thought that up so fast…

Not that stupid after all.



It was a sheet of acid

He ate the evidence. There may be a camera showing this but it will not hold in court! this man got away free.


The police knew he had it, and they saw it on camera but without actually having the evidence for themselves they arent allowed to do anything about it. win for criminals. win for drugs.

he got away free becoz they didnt catch it on camerara or nothin




I think this is fake.

he robbed a bank and that was the note he handed to the teller that said give me all the money i have a gun… it was in late november 2009. I remember seeing it on the news

lol he’s a smart one. it was the note he used to rob the bank 🙂

Agreed, he gets some points for creativity.

It wasn’t drugs. He’s a bank robber and what he ate was the note he used in robbing the bank.

I saw this somewhere else

This guy robbed some place and i think that was the note that he handed the security guard or something like that. He was just eating the evidence.

This is martig lawerance. This is one of his gigs

Moderated For your viewing pleasure.

it was the note telling the teller to give him money or he’d kill her

whoville how do you know if they are drugs you cant even tell. and the drugs would digest before he shit them out, thats the point of drugs….to dissolve in your body


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HAHA the cops got nothing they have no proof what was on that paper. It doesnt matter if they caught him eating it on camera. Unless they have some other evidense the guy is going to get off

He ate a note that he used in a bank robbery! Please get out more!


perfect haha, too bad for him there is a camera in his face

He ate the note he gave to the teller to rob the bank but he had paint sprayed money and guns in the car. Still awesome though.

so have the cops been fired???

I’m not sure. There has not be published report to the status of the officer’s employment.

Yeah! Modern day hero. (hebro)hebrew

Thanks for the link… I couldn’t get the link to work though.

F**** stupid white cops.


what an attention whore!

It seems to be working now.

It could easily be drugs. Ever heard of acid? it comes in sheet form. duh. He wouldn’t even be caught, nor would he die. He may go a tad crazy depending on his level on sanity, but either way, he’s not going to prison.

haha…to reply to the below commenter its my guess he ate a sheet of acid. thats insane..he was gone for a long time I promise!

Kinda looks like Martin Lawrence.

Very interesting.

You guys.

Its a note telling a banker that he had a gun, and that he was holding up the place.

Seriously the real story.

If that’s what I think that is, he’s not that smart and will probably end up in the hospital. Now he’s OD’d, and has possesion as well as destruction of evidence charges. And before there was just the one charge…

[…] Ok, it says watch closely, and be sire you do, because it took me three times before I could see the evidence. […]

That wasn’t drugs he ate. I remember hearing about this on TV when it happened. He tried to rob a bank, and, that is the note he gave to the teller saying it was a holdup. I’ll bet these cops never live this down.

Well it is on video isnt it?

it’s not drugs i saw this on the local news the other day … he was swallowing the note he passed the bank teller saying he was robbing the bank … but for nothing because he had other evidence in his pockets and was prosecuted anyway.

That was a note he used to rob a bank minutes before.. =)

how do you people think he is smart? this video is here posted on the internet with his face isn’t it? didn’t really hide that one

typical of that sort of criminal
yet stupid of the cop

Hahaha! That was wild!

@ realistic Pencil Drawings, he ate the peice of paper that they had written everything on.

@Whoville, its a sheet of paper, not drugs. hell they’d have to be in a bag

I love the way he gives a cheeky glance to each side before he eats the note….genius :o)

That was great, thanks for posting


…I just drooled.

I didn’t know Martin Lawrence had been arrested.


it ovb was the note. if it were drugs the cops would have stopped, looked at and definitely would have not immediately placed it down in front of him

You (not all) guys are so dim, of course it was a great idea, no matter if its on the camera they still dont have physical evidence and one could claim this was simply a blank piece of paper. There would be no evidence to the contrary, camera or not this is complete eradication of evidence.

it wasn’t drugs or anything, he got caught robbing a bank, that was the note he wrote to the teller saying hand over the money. i saw it on the news a couple weeks ago.

I feel like some of you guys are missing the point here; regardless of whatever other evidence there may be to pin him to a bank robbery, that note can no longer hurt him in any way. The cop took it out of his pocket and put in on the hood so quickly that I doubt he glimpsed what was on it, and the camera sure as hell can’t tell what was on it, so he can’t be charged with shit so far as that note is concerned. Can the teller ID him? Yeah, that’s a possibility. Is his face on the bank surveillance videos? Who knows. The point is, that note could be a blank post-it for all we can tell. It can’t be used for ANYTHING, not even an obstruction of justice charge. Eating a chocolate chip cookie recipe isn’t exactly an obstruction, nor is a list of phone numbers or a receipt for a meal from Burger King, or any other number of possible explanations for that piece of paper.
All this means is that if he can’t be identified by the teller, the cameras, or in some other way, he’s home free. That paper may as well not exist.

He’s not stupid. He might as well have eaten it, either way he was screwed. This guy is my hero.

People who have drugs deserve whatever they get. Drugs are bad okay? Stupid criminal thinks he has the right to have these mind altering substances, but I don’t think drugs are smart, so clearly he should go to jail. if he dies, then that’s good, because the world is now a better place. people doing things in their free-time that I wouldn’t do in my free time makes me rage. and then he thinks he’s justified in eating the evidence so he doesn’t get punished for what he does in his free time? Some people.

He just ate a 100 hits of LSD, His night at the jail house will be one to remember….If he remembers it.

i agree with chris, the cops may have been dumb during the search, but in the end, video camera, lol. In the end Criminal=fail.

ha, that’s so funny.

is the criminal really the stupid one, or is it the cop for putting whatever that was there?

You do have to give the man an A for effort though!!

actually its pretty smart cause if u look he chewed the bag some so th drugs wont come out in “poop check”. it looks like coke which means hell be pretty messed up for a while but it wont hurt him anymore than snorting that much which isnt that bad… and even though the cops know they put it there and hes on video eating it. they cant charge him cause they dint weigh it yet and they havent tested it to be sure what it was. he could have eaten a bag of freakin powdered sugar dor all they can prove…. so go crimnal!

to “junkmail”–

i’ll paypal you $5 if you promise to never, EVER have children.

f’n awesome

Hey, so he ate it, in a baggie… I think it’s safe to say he lived to tell about it.

good stuff, home in time for tea, fingers down throat, lets get high, f*** the police nailzuk

major fail for the stupid pigs, what where they thinking putting evidence there, now they have no prove, thats what they get

i saw dis in americas dumbest but it was lik evidence against him he ate som note about somti he ate

i think it was a note that he tried to use to rob a bank with or something of that nature.

hes like “NOMNOMNOM”

It was actually a robbery note. He is being arrested for a bank robbery.

wow i never would of thought of doing that but man that guys pretty smart he must have had a well though out plane or he just panicked OR….. he was really hungry lol

We may make alot of mistakes. But we figure shit out. HAH HAH!!!!! BTW, Lock the door. I’m waiting for you….

Stupid or not…pretty funny

Whoville is wrong. Every body who says that criminals are stupid is stupid. Nobody thinks that police are extremely intelligent as a rule, either.

And, at best, the crim got stoned and was let go.

That is truly beautiful!

actually, he’s not stupid at all. if that really is a note from an attempted bank robbery, he really did destroy the evidence. Unless you can somehow enhance the video and see the writing on the letter, he has successfully destroyed that evidence. it doesn’t matter that the video shows him eating it. it can’t be proven in court what that letter says, so that evidence can’t be used against him. for all we know he ate a blank piece of paper. case closed.
the real idiots here are the pigs who put the evidence right in front of his face. talk about complete incompetence.

That wasn’t drugs nor evidence for a robbery
nor sugar nor something other.
This, dear friends, was an angel,
eating one holy site of the policemans bible,
who was loose in the policemans pocket.
He eat it, because he was flying
3 days and 3 nights from heaven to earth,
without some break,
to refresh at McRetch at Cloud66,
so he was very hungry.

So close!
If not for the camera!

Om nom nom nom

HAHA! f– them pigs. props to the dude being f–ed

* Moderated for your viewing pleasure

is that Martin Lawrence?

watch the engine. WATCH THE ENGINE!

Clearly a piece of paper they’ll still charge him with a crime


you guys are retarded
that was a wad of money

This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen. Smart dude!

what is it he eats? x

Om nom nom nom

imagine if the man ate a package of drugs, as his nightmare would be)))

hahaha classic

Lolol, win.

om nom nom nom nom nom

no matter what the object was, a piece of paper or drugs or whatever….why the hell did the cop put it in that spot…the cop is the stupid one.

hes black so you assume drugs

epic fail

oh my god, u people are all ridiculous… ive been reading these for a bit and every other comment asks what was it he ate, and the ones inbetween say, its a note, blah blah, didnt u watch the news? ok, we f***n’ get it, it was a note. u dont have to repeat the same s*** over and over

That’s brilliant :L

It was on tape so he still fails

could have been a sheet of acid, yes there are drugs on paper


What did he eat?

He robbed a bank, the piece of paper he ate was the note he handed to the cashier demanding money.

hahahaha oh my god that is so awesome!

wow this is hilarious hahahah

What is that

I hope that wasn’t ACID!

That’s some quick thinking, though. I mean, there is the off chance that the surveillance camera didn’t have him in view or wasn’t working for some reason. He didn’t want to go to jail, saw a window to get rid of some evidence and went for it. If it wasn’t drugs (and I see others suggesting that it was a note from a bank robbery which seems most likely), then that’s a pretty good example of keeping one’s head under stress.

Lol. Yum!

This would be better if it wasnt from a MOVIE.

They may not be able to use the actual note, but he can be given an additional charge for tampering with evidence.

criminals are sooo crafty!!


What you people don’t realise is the fact that he cannot be charged for attempting to rob the bank, only tampering with evidence (which is much less of a conviction) considering that they are unable to identify what was on the note (Unless he brings that up in court.. which would be stupid).
If the bank has a security camera which recorded him with the note at the teller.. then maybe they could do something with that, but just eating the note isn’t enough.

I love how a lot of the comments are really stupid..

a)They are not drugs, Its a piece of paper used during a bank robbery. So he wont be farting cocaine or high as fuck..

b)Even though he is on camera eating the evidence – Its not admissible, there’s no proof of what was on the paper, or that it was the paper in question.

c)They don’t put people in front of the camera so they can video tape themselves giving the evidence to people to eat.. I don’t know how that made sense to someone..

d)LMFAO this is fricken funny!

Ten to one he got off.
With no note they can’t prove he did it. Yes he is on cam but they still have to prove it was the note.

Criminals not criminal.

it looks like it could be a sheet of acid, in which case all that would come out is paper, he would just be trippin balls for days

You guys saying this guy got away scott-free are idiots who’s only knowledge of the law they got from watching old episodes of Law and Order.

This is clearly an offense of tampering with evidence. They don’t have to prove that it was the bank note. The officers were performing a legal search incident to arrest and anything that comes out during that search is evidence. The guy knowingly and intentionally ate that note…hence tampering with evidence. No jury in the world is going to be dumb enough to not convict, not even in California.

The bag looked like it was cocaine. I guess he wanted to eat it so they had no evendiance on him. Witch is dumb because they have video on him eating and plus he is taking a risk of the bag opening inside him and causing him to od poor bastard.

What a deepthroater!

It was the note he passed to the banker when he robbed a bank

Do we have any details? ie what did he eat?

The man getting nicked is clearly, not as stupid as the two cops behind him. So if your thick, have a crew-cut or were just plain bullied at school, Join the poLICE.

it was obviously a piece of paper that he ate. no matter what was on it weather it was the plans to the bank robbery, a confession, a note he gave to the teller saying he was robbing the bank, or a picture of a flower, they cant prove anymore whats on it so he still got away with it.

i think that was a whole sheet of acid

Um this is a bit old, it was the bank robbery note, not drugs.

LOL, nice now he get charged for destroying evidence

if it was a donut theyd find it straight away… lolz

Actually that piece of evidence can no longer be used. Even if there is a video of the paper at the bank, there is no proof that that was the piece of paper at the bank. That could have been a shopping list for all we know.

He can’t get charged for tampering with evidence either because like I stated before that could have been a shopping list so no one knows if it was actuall evidence or not. It’s only the police’s word vs the criminals and you cannot base anything off of he said she said…

The courts will have to find other evidence to convict him of the bank robbery.

Nothing like eating the evidence. That was good.

Terrific, an epic WIN.


You guys! I totally saw this on the news! The guy had a sheet of acid as a bank robbery note! He wrote that he had a gun on a sheet of acid! Obviously! He’s going to be really sick in jail because of ink poisoning!

that is not a piece of paper, or normal paper. When the cop throws it down you can see its somewhat dense, plus when the guy is eating it its thicker than a piece of paper. Also, if it is drugs and he punctures the bag they dissolve in his system and don’t come out really in the toilet. those that do are not going to weigh correct. its all about amounts not just having it. for that the cops are the stupid ones. they shouldn’t let the guy wiggle around like that

I love how there are 224 people saying the same damn thing. “It wasn’t drugs it was a note used for a bank robbery.” We get it. Shut up.

LOL… Criminals are failed individuals, pigs are just failed criminals 😛

This man is a freedom fighter against amereichkkkan drugs prohibitionist bandit state.

why did he put the hold up note in his pocket in the first place? he shouldve eaten it as he made his get away, not after he got caught. I am gay.

he wasnt eating a drug he was eating a note to the bank


Morons, that was his ransom note. He tried to rob a bank, and he ate the only evidence.

One charge of felony destruction of evidence to add to the drug felony.

i don’t think it was a sheet of acid. he wouldn’t have stored it on himself like that because the LSD would get destroyed

OMG I needed a laugh.. criminals are so funny

Well I needed to laugh & that felt great

it must of been some type of evidense

I dont think they were drugs whoville. Go to the link and it looks like a note and his wallet http://www.keepbusy.net/play.php?id=criminal-destroys-evidence

You guys keep saying hes dumb because they will see him eating the paper, but what the f*** can they see from the video? they cant charge him with anything now, as far as the paper goes.

What a stupid criminal! Not only does he get aressted for whatever he did, but thanks to the camera, he’s also busted for tampering with evidence :p

Oh my god!!! I started laughing so hard! That was so hilarious!

The cops aren’t stupid, they have a video camera going and they put the perp right in front of it so that they have eyes where they’re not looking. The criminal is stupid because he doesn’t realize that there are obviously cameras watching him.


He banked the whole piece of acid sheets, so the camera doesn’t matter cause the pigs will eat his KFC anyways. NOMNOM, but you guys are not serious right? It’s Darwinism, not some silly bank note I mean don’t you watch Chris Tucker’s “Burning Notice” ever?

but seriously… ftw:

“Enough of this crap about it being a note. He ate a used napkin from KFC.”

Funny as it should be. lol

freakin’ retarded!!!!
i always knew cops were just some random tweakers with guns and shiny metal braclets

It was a note the told a bank teller that he would kill her if she didnt give him the money.

haha! That’s great… What was it that he’s eating? I can’t really tell from the videos… 😕

Haha! That’s not gonna settle too well in the stomach.

I just gotta get one of those glowing tee shirts.

Love his tee shirt. Cop dashcam videos are some of the funniest.

he cant go to jail because he ate the evidence. just because they got it on film doesnt mean anything. based on the video they have no idea what was on the paper

first of all, its on camera, so the evidence is there, second… whats gona happen to him when that bag gets digested???
um criminal master mind, i think not… desperate fool, definitely so!

doesn’t matter if he’s filmed, as far as the camera is concerned it could have been a bag of powdered sugar. No evidence, no crime. But the cops could just hold him in jail and wait for it to pass through. But the video tape itself is not incriminating. Regardless this made me laugh pretty damn hard

yeah, really stupid boy

… does anyone not notice it was a shooped video???

dastan xosh bet shteki zor xosha baxan xan

LOLL. That was soo funny. I almost peed myself 😀

if he wasnt on cam, epic criminal win then, lol 😀

Distruction of evidence is a crime. He’ll be convicted of that. It doesn’t matter what the was on the paper either; ransom note or a hot dates phone number.

In fact the video will be introduced into evidence to show he tried to cover up the crime that was his reason for the arrest. Whereas the piece of paper by itself might have been blocked as hearsay. Entering a piece of paper with words on it is a bit tricky. It could require the suspect taking the stand to deny his activity in order to enter it into evidence.

The guys impulsive action actually made the prosecutor’s case far easier.

It’s quite possible to be both quite smart and amazingly ignorant.

most likly coke dude

I’m conforming.

Wow… that is priceless!

I read the story on CNN crime. HE wasn’t eating drugs. It was a note that he had tried to use to rob a bank teller.

F*** those pigs! Look at how fat and stupid they look.

it’s a note… the guy robbed a bank with a note… said that he had a gun in his pocket and he would shoot if they didn’t give him money… saw this somewhere else…

He ate a whole bag of crack.

Lol such a stupid criminal.

Ricky, thanks for posting this! LMAO


yeah I think he is smart enough to make the evidence gone, but not smart as he’s been filmed :)) I dont know what would happen if there is no camera on the hood 😀
cops:…dude where is the thing
crmnl:(muttering) man I’m clear I’m clear

Cuando las injusticias se dan no se hace esperar la crueldad y la forma de manipular a los hechos. Tratando de buscarle tres pies al gato.

jajajajajaja…esta buenisimo..jajaja

It obviously wasn’t drugs, as one commenter suggested. I suggest that it was a fine of some description.

that is awesome.
i’m not too sure what he ate, coke bag?

I have seen that on TV they pull it out of his mouth seconds later and he got extra charges.

Criminals aren’t stupid. I can think of many a serial killer who was smarter than most of the commenters. This one was pretty stupid.
But that doesn’t mean they all are.

Cops SUCK. F*** Cops!

funny lol!

pretty slick, I wonder if he walked.
he could give lessons to a few of my friends.

lol im jealous

Stupid ass it wasnt drugs it was a letter 4 the bank teller

i wonder if he acctually ate it

You are soo so dumb, did the cop see what was on the paper? No he can’t prove what was on the paper for shit. it could of been some girl hes been banging number and doesn’t want his wife to know. only thing proven here is that he ate paper. Good luck getting that evidence admitted to court.

Destruction of evidence is a felony. Since this was recorded, he’ll get even more jail time. And because of the video, he’ll get in trouble for destruction even if he can be acquitted from the original crime.

The man was a suspect in a robbery… The item eaten was not DRUGS, but suspected to be the hold up note…

Guys, guys, guys. I like the perpetuated myth here that the guy is a bank robber and he ate the note he handed the teller to give him the money.

One problem. Why the hell would he have the note he handed the teller to give him the money? He handed it to the teller.

that’s great 😀 he ate evidence ^.^
it’s just funny cause people are actually that stupid. o:

That shit is awesome, Om Nom Nom Nom… <..>

he’s got cop’s wife mobile number on it

Mmmmm… tasty!


Criminals can be smart, so it seems

LOL… hoo…ho..ho.. true make me laugh…

haha…this is great.

Did he get away with it?


Gsus…let’s just hope that wasn’t a sheet of Acid. Or…if you’re going to jail, maybe a sheet of acid would make the experience just a whole lot more surreal.

Read the other comments before assuming he is eating a bag of drugs..

Also everyone saying it looks like a sheet of acid is stupid. There is no such thing as a “sheet” of acid. Dealers use droppers to put a drop on whatever they are selling it on. And if it is on blotter paper, the paper is 1/4 the size of a penny.

Also, since it is the note he used to rob a bank it can’t be used against him in court because the officer didn’t even read the note in the first place. There is no proof it isnt anything more than a list of movies he was buying at the porno store.

The case was dropped.

too bad they caught it on cam… now hes just a bit f***ed up and the cops are enjoying their no-pay vacation right about now…

jejeje he not gone live long enought 2 see this video

That’s stupid, he’s on camera you dumbassesssss, what, you think GIFS are made from nothing? They just appear out of nowhere???

Thats stupid lollol He is still being taped!!

He was still on cam!!

lol its a sheet of acid

All I can think of while watching that is “OM NOM NOM NOM”

LOLLL this is hilarious.

He’s handcuffed, it’s the butt-wipe, cuz he shit himself for getting caught! HA!!!

I reckon he should get half his original sentence for this awesomeness.


Glad someone mentioned the acid thing. I know it was a note, but it was nauseating that people in this thread kept saying “he are stupid, he just gonna shit out drugs” without even knowing what he ate.

That amount would make ME insane, but there are many people who have had to eat half a sheet or more and ended up relatively fine after a REALLY bad trip. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I don’t like the fact that he just made it easier for himself to get away with robbery, but I have to commend the quick thinking.

I just saw a comment from someone saying that there is no such thing as a sheet of acid, and they only come in peices of blotter paper 1/4 the size of a penny.

That’s dead wrong. Where the fuck do you think those little peices come off of? They come off of what are called ten-strips, or ten hit/doses. Ten strips are just cuts of a hundred-hit sheet, which come off bigger sheets, which come off of packs.

A dealer wouldn’t be traveling with just a few meager hits, they would be traveling with sheets. And yes, people have ate those sheets to evade the law.

AHHH that is awesome! Wonder why he ate that though- it just looked like paper. Assuming it was actually illegal, maybe it was a sheet of LSD/DOB or something. Or maybe addresses or other incriminating info.

Or maybe he was just hungry and took his opening.

He is stupid. Now he’s going to prison for destruction of evidence rather than just the drug charges.

Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment on http://thedailyuplift.com/2009/12/01/what-evidence but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say wonderful blog!

Well he is still going to jail besides his efforts.

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