Being super silly & attempting to show my killer highlights...done by cheap ole me

The Daily Uplift is the barer of unconventional things.

If it makes you chuckle, a little, then you just got your daily uplift.

So there is the site part. Now here is the me part.  My name is Ericka Totorico MBA grad, business owner and mother of 3 who lives just outside of New Orleans.

It is my belief that this is an amazing time in our history, since it is in fact a great time to be an optimist. Someone once told me “You know Ericka not every story has a happy ending” and  said “It’s all in how you look at it” Aggravating I know.

If you would like to contact me you can comment or email me at thedailyuplift@gmail.com.


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17 Responses to “About”

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god job ericka, it’s time to make something different in this world …

It’s always inspiring to read other people blogs that are bringing something positive to the table. I for sure got my “uplift” from reading your posts : )

Thanks Mike you have a killer site. Man I have catching up to do.

i’m indonesian young blogger. nice to meet u in ur blog. surely nice blog. keep spirit in writing. would u like to be my friend?

hey your weblog is god..visit my weblog http://www.seshwallreigns.wordpress.com/

Enjoyed your site. Probably be back. Love the post about where friends meet. 🙂

Good stuff, Ericka. Keep your head up and chin strong.

“Raking is easy, but you just get leaves. Digging is hard but you might find diamonds.”

Your blog is awesome! Haha.
P.S. That poem you posted was great. 😀
Hope you keep writing!

Hey your weblog is good.Do you have any contact email ID kind of a thing??I think the Poem you wrote as others said was superb 🙂


this is a really great blog.
You have a lot of creativity here.



LOL, your blog is great, Erika, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will most defintely be back.

Oh, and as for you and your highlights, I do mine the ol’ cheapo way, too, however, mine look no where near as good as yours do (in otherwords, mine really rather suck, lol). Oh well, one of these days I’ll get them right…even if it kills me, ha ha.

Keep up the good work on your blog, I will be back for more!

All the best. 🙂

Thanks a lot for all of the encouragements. Keep trying on the highlights. The good news is it may kill your hair, but not you. 😉

Sounds like a good premise for a blog to me. I’m enjoying your musings and reports.

And I like the highlights. 🙂

Thanks George. I have to teach you my highlighting technique. 🙂

I’m a big fan of unconventional. The phrase I like, taken from a famous British play, is Beyond the Fringe. Things that seem normal – or are normal – but have a twist. Ericka, I think we’re neighbors Beyond the Fringe. 🙂

Love your blog! I’ve been a lurking reader for quite some time but it’s time to come out from behind the bushes…it gets buggy and a little sticky back there.

All the best!


Thanks for all of your kind words. I think we’re neighbors Beyond the Fringe.
Maybe that was my light flickering in your video? ^-^

Can’t wait to hear more from the radio show.

Your honorary neighbor,


Nice to meet You….

You are one of my friends list in Face book

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