Life’s a Coin Toss

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I love this! Sadly I shall be using this trick from time to time.

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Later W

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thanks to generik11 for the picture

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Is It Better To Love Or To Be Loved?

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Okay so here is the premise. You have to pick one or the other but not both.

Is it better:

1. To be in love with someone who does not love you?


2. To be with someone who is in love with you but who you do not love?

I have been on both sides of this coin and I’m here to say they both suck. Seriously, it is a lose lose situation.

One does suck slightly less than the other.

I can’t wait to see your opnions.

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Want to Change the World? Be Happy It’s Contagious

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Thanks to Carfs Photostream

There was a recent study published that said among other things that happiness is contagious in social groups.

Iron sharpens iron, right?  The study points out that sadness also spread but at a slightly lower rate.

According to a cnn report

“New research shows that in a social network, happiness spreads among people up to three degrees removed from one another. That means when you feel happy, a friend of a friend of a friend has a slightly higher likelihood of feeling happy too.”

Wow that has powerful implications! If you are a good friend and you want to help them. it’s simple be happy.

According to James Fowler, co-author of the study and professor of political science at the University of California in San Diego, “We get this chain reaction in happiness that I think increases the stakes in terms of us trying to shape our own moods to make sure we have a positive impact on people we know and love,” he said. Video Watch more on how happiness spreads »

How perfect of an example,”You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

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Today May Be the Best Day You Have

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Life is not about money, fame , big houses, etc…

The riches of life are apparent every day.

When you wake up in the morning, go outside, and watch the sun rise, enjoy the fresh air, adore your spouse in the morning, spend time with your child as if you will never see them again.

Today may be the best day you have.

There is no promise of tomorrow. Unknown

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Success is….It’s All Relative

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At age 4, success is...not peeing in your pants.
   At age 12, success is...having friends.
     At age 16, success is...having a driver's license.
       At age 20, success is...having sex.
        At age 35, success is...having money.
        At age 50, success is...having money.
       At age 60, success is...having sex.
     At age 70, success is...having a driver's license.
   At age 75, success is...having friends.
At age 90, success is...not peeing in your pants.

Okay it is an oldie but goodie. :)
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What Is Obama Gonna Do For You?

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1. Get me a puppy.

2. Get me a job…. a good paying job.

3. Universal Health Care.

4. Get us out of Iraq..ASAP like by February 20, 2009.

5. Peace On Earth.

6. Better Schools and Teachers.

7. Improved Infrastructure.

8. Economic Stability.

In this time for giving thanks I keep hearing people being thankful for the election.  I must say I too am thankful for that.  Is it possible that people could be a bit too hopeful? Let me explain. I am hearing people say that they are hopeful that Obama will bring peace on earth. Look I have been praying for peace on earth since I was a little girl but he was elected President not the Messiah.  I think we are expecting too much to put it bluntly. He is but one man and in order for us not to have a big let down we might condiser a few realistic expecitations.

What do you expect Obama to do for you?

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Forget about the Bailout Defeat. Stop and Notice the Joy

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It seems important to consider Joy. The Joy in every day life.
The following was published on Written by mmlarsen.

What I’ve learned about joy

It’s been over a month now that I’ve been on this quest to spy joy ( and I’ve noticed a few things.

1) Joy is most easily and most often found in children. Children are quick to run and laugh and play. They do not hesitate to have a good time. I used to think this was because they aren’t worn down by the pressures and stress we adults shoulder every day. That’s not fully true. Children have their own pressure and stress and although we can see missing recess for a day is a trifle, to them it’s monumental. The difference is they let it go. They sulk and pout for 20 or even 40 minutes, but then it’s gone and forgotten and they’ve found another game to play. And children are transparent: feel joy, smile and laugh; feel sad, cry and pout.

2) The visual effects of joy are fleeting. The expression of it flashes in the glint of an eye, a lift of an eyebrow, a smile that washes over a face before dispersing into a pool of time that quickly becomes the past. If camera isn’t in hand and ready, the moment disappears uncaptured.

3) Joy, while abundant as ever, goes unseen. We’re at a point in time where we seem to be looking for misery. We anticipate sorrow and pain and so we find it. It’s not that there’s any more of it then before, it’s just that we’re choosing to focus on it. Think life isn’t good? Was your coffee warm and satisfying this morning when you took that first sip? Did you enjoy a warm shower and the clean, fresh scent of soap today? Were you greeted with a smile and a hug from your child or spouse or friend or coworker? Did your electricity work this morning? Was the commute to work happily uneventful because your car is reliable? Did you have food to nourish your body and music to soothe your soul? Clothes that are comfortable and warm? We are met with joy and wonder at every turn. If we just allow ourselves to see it we will realize life is a fabulous, marvelous, delicious gift. Savor it. Breathe it into the depths of you and be thankful for every single second. Joy lives.

posted by mmlarsen on 9/27/2008 12:08

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