Time Don’t Wait For No One

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My Grandfather, who was a WWII Vet, had this saying, “Time Don’t Wait For No One” .  Although it drove me nuts, I knew what he meant. It was typically announced when I was either putting something off or taking too long to get ready. Still it always made me pause and think that’s one crazy ass statement. As I get older some how it resonates.  The following is a sweet perspective on just that.

“Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought, but carefully: a premeditated murder of minutes. The violence comes from a combination of giving up, not caring, and a resignation that getting past it is all you can hope to accomplish. So you kill the hour. You do not work, you do not read, you do not daydream. If you sleep it is not because you need to sleep. And when at last it is over, there is no evidence: no weapon, no blood, and no body. The only clue might be the shadows beneath your eyes or a terribly thin line near the corner of your mouth indicating something has been suffered, that in the privacy of your life you have lost something and the loss is too empty to share.”
— Mark Z. Danielewski (House of Leaves)

Thanks to good reads for the quote

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Erase Your Fears

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your fears

This is a great concept! We  are all afraid of something.

Thanks to Amo Life for the image.

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Speak Your Mind

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Thanks to littlemiss at Tumblr

Thanks to littlemiss at Tumblr

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Found Stuff Including Office She-yit

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I love the Found Magazine Site!
It shows various/random found items, and offers tidbits on said items.

The finds of the day are strange, funny and intriguing all at the same time.



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The Obama Dream For White America

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jump-for-obamaLilly White

I guess you could say I’m white. No actually I’m not white I’m translucent. Or so it seems but I’ll get to that later. As such it would be obvious that I would know nothing of what this election means to minorities in America and the oppressed around the world.

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s with a loving mother, tolerant grandmother and a well intentioned but racist grandfather. If the TV was on good times or Sanford and Son he would scream turn off those N—– shows.

It would be years before I knew my grandmother was Romanian but more than that American Indian and Gypsy. She and her brothers fought a tremendous amount of prejudices and adversities their entire lives. They went so far as to not only deny their heritage but to say they were Italian. We were all told to lie. For our own protection of course.

My great uncles were so black they were blue so it was to me, a small unknowing child, a silly lie. I liken this to when my 4 year old saw a pre-op transvestite at the grocery. He walked right up to him I mean her and announced “that is a man!”

You see they passed. Some easier than others but passed none the less.
Is that not what we all do? Put our best foot forward? Pick out most desirable traits and emphasize those while nearly wholly ignoring others.

We are all made to feel put upon at some point in our lives. Yes some overcome odds greater than others, but every person has been left out, picked on, made fun of, or just treated like crap at some moment. We are still the a part of the great melting pot. Oh wasn’t that a Saturday morning clip just like “I’m just a bill on Capitol hill”? Maybe we did stop talking about the big melting pot but we started doing it.

Obama’s win is for every person who has ever dreamed big or even those who never thought they were entitled to have such lofty dreams. He is the great hope for the nation. Yes we can!

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Is It Better To Love Or To Be Loved?

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Okay so here is the premise. You have to pick one or the other but not both.

Is it better:

1. To be in love with someone who does not love you?


2. To be with someone who is in love with you but who you do not love?

I have been on both sides of this coin and I’m here to say they both suck. Seriously, it is a lose lose situation.

One does suck slightly less than the other.

I can’t wait to see your opnions.

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Do You Ever Coordinate Your Clothes?

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I don’t mean for your self that is a  no brainier, but I mean for your entire family?  I just went t0 dinner with a bunch, seven, friends and about half admitted to on a regular basis color and or style coordination.  I was in shock and awe. Yeah I know shock and awe, but I was, so what s the word bird……Like what the F…  Okay for pictures with a photographer, but just to go to dinner? Honestly I have never considered it.  One very good friend admitted to getting mad if her husband refuses to coordinate.

They all said assuredly, I do not, could not, would not, and should not….Ha ha “You are just lucky if you and your family make it to the car for the outing”.  I so had to laugh cause well it is true.   But then I got kinda pissed since that seems true but highly insulting. They collectively decided I am just too free spirited to do that.

Yup that me just way too free spirited, so I’m the crazy one.

Do you coordinate?

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Class the New ism in America

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Classism in America has become the new acceptable form of discrimination.  I mean everyone knows racism is wrong and dare not be mentioned in polite conversation but classism now that’s another story entirely. If Obama could become President could we possibly still be a racist or even a classist nation?

Let me put this in context for you, St. Tammany Parish is an affluent community just outside of New Orleans and there is a new high school being built.  This high school will help deal with the growth in the community.  In order to populate this school naturally there will be some redistricting of the area.  With redistricting much of the poorer individuals live in the new school district simply based on location to the new school.  It is not a coincidence that the lower socioeconomic region is also mostly comprised of minorities. I say mostly because the others are in the very affluent non-minority surrounding subdivisions.  It is of course the non-minorities that are up in arms.  Their obscene argument against them being included in the new district is the percentage of students on the free or reduced lunch program will be much higher than those in the old school district.

Let’s just say for argument sake they are keenly aware that test score and economic well being has been linked in several studies.  Let’s also say race is a non-issue.  The overall lower test scores are for that lower income bracket and not for every student at that school. That is to me a no brainer.  Of course if you are worried about how your parents will pay the rent or buy food you won’t test as well. How on earth can a rational school system decide district lines based on class. Well if you live in south Louisiana they can and will. The Times Picayune has run several articles about it.

Until we realize we are not fighting for scarce resources and it is our obligation and duty as the haves to help the have nots we will remain uncivilized.  Why aren’t we talking about solutions for the social problems that are so ingrained?  If we continue to segregate from “The Others” we will never evolve as a community or as a nation.  I have no doubt you will see “White Flight” along subdivision lines.

This is a perfect example of JLM Syndrome, that is Just Like Me Syndrome. In today’s volatile economic conditions that free lunch card could be for your child and well I guess we would just have to ask you, politely, to change schools.  I mean we can’t mess up the ratios.  You wouldn’t want that now would you?

As Martian Luther King, Jr. once said, “An injustice to anyone, is an injustice to everyone”.

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When Do You Write?

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I am a night owl so I like to write at night.  The more wired and tired I am the better my creative juices flow.

Recently I read an article that stated most traditionally successful aka published, prolific writers, write in the morning and on a set schedule. To me that makes an awful lot of sense. The reasons being is it motivates you to treat writing with great importance and the earlier you start the less likely you might be to put it off.

Don’t get me wrong I am in no way saying that the only path to success is to be traditionally published. That is so old school and is an antiquated ideal.

Still it begs the question…When do you write?



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10 Crazy Reasons Why I Write

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I write stories, songs, poems and spend time developing characters.  I have never submitted any of them for publication and I have only let two people ever review my work.  So it seems pretty crazy that I even bother.

So here goes “10 Crazy Reasons Why I Write”:

1. Because I have to. It is not a need or a want it is a “Have To”.

2. If I start a story and don’t finish the charterers haunt me.  They are to me, stuck where ever I left off and they remain stuck…..Till I finish.

3. It makes me feel safe.

4. I can be free.

5. I find people more interesting if I can place them in a story.

6. My dreams can grow legs.

7. It gives me hope.

8. Life just seems a bit less boring if I can write about it.

9. To leave something behind.

10. To quiet the voices in my head…..Just kidding but I had to add that one for good measure.

It would be nice to hear why others write, so feel free to add yours.

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